Emily Martin


Marking A Salt Ridge
Interview in Hasp
Dependence, the Joistrix / How you are made
A network of orchards suspended in air
from Marking a Salt Ridge
5 attempts at a bag that prefers
Faces pour out of the sky!
The Testimony of the Skaters and the Transcript on the Rink
Provocation: Monger
Gets up, Sticks whole hand into jam jar
Lapidary Society of Todayness
No Not Even Like
Gets up, Enters the palace bloc
It is the surface that has become impossible
from Palisades
Routine & Leisure
Claude Piron Beholds his Beloved


Reading w/ Brooklyn Rail
Reading w/ Smiling Mind Presents
Reading w/ Deerfield Public Library
Reading w/ Off Topic Poetics
Permanent Six Flags live at World Pro News
A Festival Play for the Consecration of a Stage
from A Festival Play for the Consecration of a Stage on Lyl Radio
Harping on Units Since Forever
Nashville Test3 at Patient Sounds
New Sentence v4 at Patient Sounds